• changes produced by alcohol

    Physical and Mental Changes Produced by Alcohol

    Physical and mental changes produced by alcohol In this article we look at both the physical and mental changes produced by alcohol. Alcohol effects everyone in different ways, in the short term we can see everything from personality changes on a night out to more serious effects that drinking has had in the long term. […]

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  • what is grey area drinking

    What is Grey Area Drinking? 

    What is Grey Area Drinking? The one thing that stopped me from doing something about my drinking sooner was the fact that I didn’t feel like an alcoholic. I still don’t and never will. I knew that something wasn’t quite right with regard to my drinking but because my friends and my husband had similar […]

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  • understanding alcohol q and a

    Understanding Alcohol – Q & A with Dr Clara Vasquez

    Understanding alcohol. I know that alcohol is bad for us, a hangover is a sure sign that our bodies don’t like what we’ve put into it and loss of control, double vision, slurred speech, the spins and vomiting are just a few other things that happen to us when we drink so yeah, alcohol is […]

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  • quitting drinking why can't i just moderate

    Quitting Drinking – Why Can’t I Just Moderate?

    Quitting Drinking – Why can’t I just moderate? Before I happily stopped drinking alcohol for good I used to get so frustrated and upset with myself. Why couldn’t I just be ‘normal’ like everyone else? Why can’t I just have a couple of beers at the weekend and be happy about it? Why can’t I […]

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  • day one again quitting alcohol

    Day One Again Quitting alcohol

    Too many day 1’s Day one again quitting alcohol? Going back to Day one again and again is very frustrating, upsetting and soul destroying when you are quitting alcohol. I see it all the time, it happens to the best of us and I too had my fair share of day one’s until I finally […]

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