• How to Celebrate when you’re Sober

    How to Celebrate when you’re Sober [PODCAST]

    How to Celebrate when you’re Sober Celebrating without alcohol. It is sooo difficult at first when you’re newly sober to know what to do or how to celebrate when you’re sober. After all in our society and culture celebrations and commiserations tend to revolve around booze, everything is a reason to drink and the thought […]

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  • I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    Have you ever said this to yourself? “I’ll stop drinking when…..” When the weather warms up, when it cools down, when lockdown ends, when I come back from holiday, when life is less stressful, when I’ve started my new job, when the kids go back to school, when the kids break up from school. I’ll […]

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  • Fear of Sobriety

    How to Get Past Your Fear of Sobriety

    When you think of sobriety you will most likely feel afraid. After all, if drinking has been such a huge part of your life, the thought of never drinking again, ever, can be terrifying and that’s okay. The key to getting past your fear of sobriety is to reframe the way you think and feel […]

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  • protecting your sobriety

    Protecting Your Sobriety After Lockdown

    Protecting your sobriety after lockdown is a topic we’ve been discussing a lot lately in the Transform Membership support space because sooner or later we will be ‘allowed out’ again. And, while exciting, it is throwing up some worries and anxiety.  The best way to go about protecting your sobriety after lockdown is to start […]

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  • transform membership

    Sobriety Group Membership

    The Transform sobriety group membership space is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! I have been thinking about ways to support you even more for a while because after speaking to the women in my circle, one thing became clear, the need for ongoing continued support and connection on […]

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  • how to have a sober october

    How to have a Successful Sober October

    With the Go Sober for October campaign starting and so far over 900people pledging to take part in Sober October  to raise money for Macmillan Cancer support this year, I wanted to share with you some hints and tips on how to have a successful Sober October. The easiest way to enjoy a successful Sober […]

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  • a sober woman

    A Sober Woman is a Powerful Woman

    A sober woman is a powerful woman. This blog is inspired by my current listening, I am listening on Audible to ‘Witch: Untamed. Unleashed. Unapologetic’ by Lisa Lister. I was drawn to the book for many reasons, not least because I am currently, thanks to the clarity of sobriety, digging deeper into myself, exploring my […]

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