• don't do sober October

    Don’t Do Sober October

    Don’t do Sober October I realize that it might seem very strange and a bit of a contradiction for me, a sobriety coach with over 3 years of sobriety, to tell you that actually, you shouldn’t be doing a Sober October after all! But bear with me. Anytime away from alcohol is a good thing, […]

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  • Building Your Sober Toolkit

    Building Your Sober Toolkit and the Joy of Having One

    You may have come across the words sober toolbox, sober toolkit or toolbox for sobriety which bring images of an actual box of tricks to mind or little pouches that people carry around with them. While your sober toolkit can consist of actual physical items, they are really just a range of techniques, activities and […]

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  • day one of sobriety

    Demystifying Day One of Sobriety

    Demystifying Day One of Sobriety Ah, day one of sobriety. The thought of day one can be both terrifying and exciting. You want to get there, get through it, move past it but yet you still find yourself on the sidelines, wishing hoping, wanting. Day one seems scary to you and brings up many thoughts […]

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  • Help to Quit Drinking

    Music in Sobriety – Help to Quit Drinking

    I’ve been listening to music quite  a lot lately, I have an uplifting playlist for when I clean or want to lift my mood and an inspirational playlist to help me get into the mood for working. However, when I first quit drinking I didn’t listen to music for the longest time and there are […]

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  • How to Celebrate when you’re Sober

    How to Celebrate when you’re Sober [PODCAST]

    How to Celebrate when you’re Sober Celebrating without alcohol. It is sooo difficult at first when you’re newly sober to know what to do or how to celebrate when you’re sober. After all in our society and culture celebrations and commiserations tend to revolve around booze, everything is a reason to drink and the thought […]

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  • I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    Have you ever said this to yourself? “I’ll stop drinking when…..” When the weather warms up, when it cools down, when lockdown ends, when I come back from holiday, when life is less stressful, when I’ve started my new job, when the kids go back to school, when the kids break up from school. I’ll […]

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