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  • first step to sobriety

    The Easy First Step to Sobriety

    First step to sobriety When you think of sobriety, quitting drinking or taking a break from alcohol, so many thoughts and feelings pop up and, let’s be honest, not all of them feel good. Even though living alcohol-free is the most loving and empowering thing you can do for yourself, actually taking the step feels […]

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  • how to feel good about quitting drinking alcohol

    How to Feel Good About Quitting Drinking

    How to Feel Good About Quitting Drinking. There are so many benefits to be enjoyed when you quit drinking. But how can you feel good about quitting drinking before you even start? Often the decision to stop drinking comes from a place of shame, fear and guilt. These feelings can make it difficult to actually […]

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  • Help to Quit Drinking

    Music in Sobriety – Help to Quit Drinking

    I’ve been listening to music quite  a lot lately, I have an uplifting playlist for when I clean or want to lift my mood and an inspirational playlist to help me get into the mood for working. However, when I first quit drinking I didn’t listen to music for the longest time and there are […]

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  • I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    Have you ever said this to yourself? “I’ll stop drinking when…..” When the weather warms up, when it cools down, when lockdown ends, when I come back from holiday, when life is less stressful, when I’ve started my new job, when the kids go back to school, when the kids break up from school. I’ll […]

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  • Fear of Sobriety

    How to Get Past Your Fear of Sobriety

    When you think of sobriety you will most likely feel afraid. After all, if drinking has been such a huge part of your life, the thought of never drinking again, ever, can be terrifying and that’s okay. The key to getting past your fear of sobriety is to reframe the way you think and feel […]

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