I know that it’s not always easy to stay positive when you quit drinking, in fact there will be times when you do not feel very happy at all and that’s okay too. When we are no longer numbing our feelings or hiding from our true selves things can get very real and raw.

You can stay positive when you quit drinking by making a few simple changes to your mindset and daily routine, always try to look at things from a place of love and joy, instead of focusing on the negative and above all be kind to yourself and listen to your needs. Let’s look in more detail on how to lift yourself up and stay positive when you quit drinking.

Ten Ways to stay Positive When you Quit Drinking

Here are ten ways to stay positive when you quit drinking


Choose an inspiring mantra

Start the day the right way and choose and inspiring mantra, quote, or affirmation to make you feel good and keep you on track. Save the words to your phone, print them out or write on a post it note and keep it with you. Look at the words as often as you need to, to keep you feeling good.

For a more guided and supportive experience, do have a look at the 30 Days of Sober Inspiration E-Book which will gently inspire you through 30 days of sober living and keep you focused and feeling positive when you quit drinking.


Have a vision for what you want

Having a reason, a why, a positive focus for why you are on this journey will see you through the most challenging of times. Create a vision board or spend time visualizing what you want your sober life to look and feel like. Connect to these feelings often and you will feel strong and inspired even on the darkest of days. Have a look at this post all about how to create a vision for your sobriety.


Get outside

It is widely known and proven that getting outside in nature is one of the best ways to help you feel good as natural happy hormones are released as you walk, run or just spend time with the gifts of Mama Nature. According to an article in the Washington Post, 60% of people who spend 2-3 hours outside in nature every week saw an increase in their general health and happiness compared to those who don’t spend any time outdoors at all.

Ten Ways to stay Positive When you Quit Drinking

Try it for yourself as often as you can. Take off your shoes, walk barefoot in the sand, feel the earth and the water beneath your feet. Notice what is around you and feel the sun and the breeze on your face. I promise that after that, you will feel ten times better than you did before.



Another proven method to get your happy hormones flowing is exercise, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get your body moving every single day. Exercise and movement are great ways to get through cravings and you will of course get fitter and stronger and feel more calm and relaxed every time you do something.


Listen to something uplifting

Music has the power to change our mood in an instant. Create a playlist of your favourite uplifting music and press that play button whenever you need a quick boost, even better if you can combine it with walking or dancing.

inspiring affirmations for sobriety

If it is inspiring words you are looking for then search for inspiring, motivating speakers you love and let their words wash over and inspire you to keep going. I also created a free audio for you full of positive affirmations for sobriety which you can listen to whenever you need a boost.



Don’t forget to take some time out to rest. Sometimes all we need is a few moments to ourselves to read, nap, relax in the bath or just stare out of the window. In this busy world of always rushing to get things done, we often neglect our down time which is just as, if not more important than doing things all the time.

Try and schedule some time into your day and just sit down for ten minutes. I recently discovered Yoga Nidra, thanks to my wonderful friend Ailey who has a beautiful membership called The R.E.S.T Circle and I try and give myself permission to do a guided Yoga Nidra meditation three times a week and when I can do it with others in the circle it makes the experience all the more special.


Show yourself some love

Find ways to show yourself a little bit of love and appreciation every single day. Congratulate yourself often, celebrate every win but most of all listen to your body. We often ignore the signs and push on regardless. But if you are being called to eat, rest, walk, take a nap or reach out to a friend, do it.

Don’t ignore the needs of your body and soul and stop putting yourself at the bottom of the list, you are worth so much more. Your self-care routine needn’t be extravagant or time consuming, just lighting a candle and relaxing, picking up a card and reflecting on the message or taking a slow walk in nature are all beautiful things you can do.

I know it can be difficult to put yourself first, especially with our busy lives but honestly taking the time for you is the most important thing you can do for your sobriety. Join my Virtual Sober Retreat and learn how to put yourself first without the guilt and discover the power of nourishing self care.


Be where you are

How often do you allow yourself to get lost in the moment, to really be where you are? Give yourself permission to do more of the things that ground you and bring you joy without distractions or worrying about what else you have to do. Meditate, spend time with your family, indulge in your hobby or take up a new one and give yourself over wholeheartedly and completely to the experience.

blissfully sober facebook group

Spend time with like minded people

Sometimes, when you are feeling down, all you need is to spend some time with people who love you, get you and will support you no matter what. It might be hard at first, but if your current circle of friends are not really helping you, then try and find new people who will. We are always here ready to support you and lift you up in the Blissfully Sober Facebook group, come and join us.


Reflect on your day and feel gratitude

Oftentimes, things are not really as bad as they seem. For some crazy reason we tend to focus on the negative things in our life, the things we don’t like about ourselves or we find reasons to put ourselves down, maybe due to past experiences or yet to be healed limiting beliefs. Stop right there. Take a step back and look how far you have come already.

sober bliss onlineFocus on the good things about you, think about what has gone well today, yesterday or this week – even the tiniest things, especially the tiniest things. What are you grateful for? What has made you smile? Focus on the positive, connect to those wonderful feelings of warmth, comfort and joy.

Above all, be kind to yourself and although it is good to try and stay positive when you quit drinking, remember that there will be times when you don’t feel okay and that’s okay too. We are supposed to feel, the good and the bad, and sobriety offers us the wonderful experience of living life as we should, in full raw, beautiful technicolour.

If you are struggling and would like some transformational one to one guided support then join me for three months of personal, guided, caring, loving support and guidance to help you to live your life the way you’ve always wanted.

What is your favourite way to lift yourself up and stay positive? Let me know in the comments below.