The Sober Hour

Affordable personalized help when you need it most


The sober Hour is a one hour long personalized coaching session designed around your individual needs and circumstances no matter where you are in your journey to sobriety.

A powerful session to get the results you desire through real human contact and support.

Affordable help and guidance when you need it most

The sober hour is the solution you’re looking for if you are not quite ready to commit to a four or eight week course but still need support and guidance centered around you.

The sober hour is unique to you and will help you overcome your struggles and face your fears

the sober hour

The Sober Hour is for You When

You feel frustrated at any point in your sober journey and need a real person to talk to

You feel confident on your sobriety journey but you get stuck at times and would love to talk to someone who understands you

You want more than just to post on a forum or in an online support group

You are desperate for accountability

You feel fragile and are worried

You know you need to do something about your drinking behaviours but just don’t know what to do

You are scared and don’t know who to turn to

You are struggling to take that first step into sobriety

You are unsure about your drinking, you know something is not quite right and you need clarity

You are excited about your new alcohol free life but want an extra dose of motivation to keep going when it gets tough

You have an event or celebration coming up and you need some help on how to plan for it and stay sober

You know you want to rise up and take action against your drinking but you don’t know where to begin

You are looking for some inspiration and practical tools to help you in a certain situation

You want some clarity on how you can make the changes stick in your own life

You want to be the best version of yourself but are not quite sure who that is and how to discover her

People around you just don’t get what you are doing and you want to talk to someone who knows what you are going through

You have no real, human support and desperately want some

You feel overwhelmed with what you are doing and would love some perspective and clarity

You are looking at how to incorporate simple strategies into your daily life to keep you on track

If any of the above resonate with you then you need the sober hour


Book your Sober Hour session through the scheduler.


Pay for your session online through Paypal


I will send you an email to confirm your details


When its time connect with zoom or skype

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