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The Sober Tools Helping Me Through a Tough Patch

This week’s podcast episode is a deep dive into the tools that are helping me right now as my family and I move through a difficult patch in our lives. Sobriety doesn’t mean sunshine and rainbows all the time, it doesn’t mean everything is lovely and shiny and happy, in fact when you are sober it can sometimes seem like everything is more difficult. How do you cope with that?

You’ve been asking how my husband is and what exactly happened when he had his stroke and how I coped in the beginning, so in this episode I go into more detail about that. Sometimes things happen, which are totally unexpected and will change your life as you know it.

This is an introduction to my experience of how I am dealing with this new chapter in life as a sober person. I know that drinking is a way of coping that makes you less able to cope, so just how do you cope when the unexpected happens?

In this episode

 I will tell you about the most unbelievable thing I saw many times a day in the hospital, and why I am grateful to be absolutely 100% rock solid in my sobriety.

How I found peace and a little bit of escape from the terrible thoughts in the dead hours of night in hospital

What kept me going when I felt like I couldn’t take anything else

The top sober tools that I will turn to again and again, plus the one I picked up again after some time away

And, the exciting new way you can be supported by me and other wonderful women on this journey as we navigate the tricky bits of life together.

Links for more support

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