traditional yogi tea recipe

Traditional Yogi Tea Recipe

As a lover of tea, I was super excited to discover this recipe because I am always on the lookout for new and delicious teas to try. Also, as a beginner yogi, I was interested to see why this tea was so special and learn the tradition behind it. An added bonus for me was that I had all of the ingredients at home already which never happens!

This traditional yogi tea recipe was introduced to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. It is an ancient eastern recipe and remedy. All the ingredients are there for a specific purpose and the blend results in a beautiful warming, soothing tea with so many health benefits. In general this tea will make you feel energized, it helps restore mental balance and is great for tiredness. Drinking this tea is a great way to prevent colds, flu and sinus problems. The individual ingredients that go into the tea each have a specific benefit too.

Black peppercorns are great for the sinuses, circulation, digestion and the skin

Cardamom is also great for digestion it is full of flavour and is soothing.

Whole cloves are fantastic for the nervous system and are an anti inflammatory. The taste is very aromatic and adds a warming feel to the tea.

Cinnamon not only gives this tea a delicious flavour but helps resort balance, is good for our bones and also helps with bloating and acidity which is all good.

Ginger is the master spice here and is a super food as it has so many health properties such as helping to ease muscle pain and nausea. it can help reduce blood sugar and is also helpful in reducing menstrual pain. Ginger can also help fight infection so is great if you have a cold or are feeling under the weather.

yogi tea recipe for healthy living

Black Tea is the ingredient which brings all the other ingredients together and you can choose how much you want to include in this recipe to suit your own needs. Black tea is also an antioxidant and can help with issues such as blood sugar, digestion and blood pressure.

Honey is a soothing and warming natural sweetener and if you use local honey it can help with hay fever. It is also delicious!

Just reading all of this now makes me want to go and make up a batch and I can’t believe I have only just discovered it. This tea is so warming and soothing it is the perfect pick me up for when you feel just a little bit meh. The beauty is that it is so cheap to make and if you make up a big batch it will keep you going all day.



Ingredients for 2 litres:

traditional yogi tea recipe2 litres of water
15 whole cloves
20 black peppercorns
3 small cinnamon sticks
20 whole cardamom pods (squash pods first)
8 ginger slices (no need to peel)
1/2 teaspoon of black tea, or one small bag


You will need:

2 large pots (one to make the tea in and the other to strain it into)
A strainer or sieve



  1. Squash the cardamom pods to release the flavour. Slice the ginger
  2. Bring the water to a boil in the large pot and then add the spices (you will notice the delicious smell straight away!)
  3. Put the lid on the pan and let cook over a medium heat from 30 minutes to two hours
  4. Add the tea bag or tea and let cook on low for another few minutes (don’t worry if your tea bag splits!)
  5. After a few minutes, turn off the heat and very carefully strain your tea into the other pot. (you can keep the reserved spices for another batch but use less water)
  6. Ladle your tea into your cup and add a dash of milk and honey


You can drink this tea warm or cold. A big batch will last you the whole day!



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