Empowering Women to Change Their Relationship with Alcohol

Invest in yourself

Welcome to Transform, a 3-month sobriety group coaching program which will help you change your relationship with alcohol and live a happier, healthier life. You don’t need to feel afraid anymore.

Welcome to Transform

This program is for you if you:

• Want to address your current drinking habits

• Have tried start/stopping without much success

• Have felt lonely and unsupported on your journey

• Are fed up with feelings of shame and guilt about your drinking

• Are ready to change your relationship with alcohol and feel good about it

What you can expect from this program:


Practical exercises to help you understand your relationship with alcohol


Group coaching sessions with up to 7 other people where you will be supported through challenges

Group Support

Facebook group support from others going through the exactly the same things as you


Ongoing support and accountability from someone who completely understands the challenges

sobriety group coaching

I know what it's like.

Have you ever wanted to stop drinking but have felt absolutely terrified by the prospect? Like when you make that decision, it feels like there is no turning back and the thought of never drinking again is just too difficult to comprehend. I understand that fear.

When you realize your drinking is causing problems in all areas of your life and making you unhappy, you think you have to stop right now, forever, for good. That’s what people do right? They just make the decision and stop.

And that is a terrifying thought.

So, you’ve ended up just carrying on and hoping that one day you will wake up and not want to drink anymore. Or maybe you’ve tried to moderate “I’ll only drink at the weekend”, but have gradually slipped back into your old habits.

This coaching program will transform the way you think and feel about alcohol and give you your life back.

What if there was another way?

What if you could take a proper break from alcohol and put yourself first?

And gently, with a supportive community and guidance, free your life and your mind from thinking and worrying about drinking.

What if you could get back your focus, your confidence, your self-respect and the freedom to choose?

What if you could heal your unhealthy relationship with alcohol and get out of that unhappy, destructive cycle of drinking followed by regret?


What if you could remove the one thing that is holding you back and getting in your way to create some much needed head space to get on with the things that matter to you the most?

What if you could have a chance to pause, reframe, reset and transform your relationship with alcohol in a way that feels GOOD, with all the tools, support and accountability to help you do that?

It would feel amazing, wouldn’t it!

And, guess what – you and I can absolutely do this together.


How the program works

This 3-month program will take you on a journey of discovery and transformation. You will get access to:


  • Weekly live classes in the Facebook community, plus 6 months membership
  • Weekly exercises and journal activities
  • Weekly group coaching session held over zoom
  • Workbook
  • Guest experts

You will be part of a strong community of women who are putting themselves first and breaking destructive habits together.

sobriety group coaching

Part one: Reflect and prepare

This stage is vital and will lay the foundation for when you take your proper break from drinking.

At this stage you may be feeling scared with so many negative thoughts running through your head, but don’t worry, you have got this and I am here to support you every step of the way.

In two weeks we will cover everything you need to be ready to embrace two months of alcohol free living.

Everything starts with awareness and that is what we will cover in the first stage, addressing:

  • Your internal motivation for doing this
  • Why you drink how you do and how you want that to change
  • Possible struggles and triggers that might come up
  • Creating your vision for alcohol free living
  • Create your own personal plan of action for the alcohol free time you will have
  • Mindset to set you up for success

Are you ready to embrace change and rediscover your true self?

Part two: Courage and Power

This is where the fun really begins! Now you can experience what it is like to take a proper break from drinking and really feel the benefits of alcohol-free living.

Let yourself shine without alcohol holding you back. You got this!

Together, we will work on:

  • Building your sober tool box to help you through the next two months
  • Redesigning your evening routine to help you through wine o’clock
  • Planning a morning routine to set you up for the day
  • What to do with all the extra time you will gain
  • Dealing with friends and family
  • How to socialize with confidence and joy
  • Beautiful, healthy ways to cope with stress and difficult emotions
  • Go deeper into the root causes of your drinking behavior so they are not so much of an issue
  • Rediscover what brings you joy and how to incorporate more of that into your life
  • Bust the limiting beliefs you have about alcohol
  • Habit changing strategies based on brain science
  • Discover ways to nourish your soul and your body so you feel good
  • Giving you a surge in self confidence
  • You will have daily accountability emails and weekly support sessions
  • Be part of a warm, generous community of women going through the same thing as you.

Part three: Transform and Liberate

After two months of alcohol-free living, you will have gained a whole new mindset around your drinking and be in the best position to decide where to go from here.

You will have put some proper space between you and your last drink and will have gained a new perspective and clarity about what you want your life to look like.

The final two weeks are all about helping you head into the world with the strength and confidence to embrace your new lifestyle feeling at ease and empowered by your choice.

Over the final two weeks of the program we will:

  • Pause and reflect on the journey so far
  • Use our insights and experiences to plan the next steps
  • Work specifically on any particular challenges and struggles that came up
  • Continue to heal the root causes of your problem drinking
  • Set new goals for what you want your life to look like from now on
  • Create a personal plan based on your own choices and goals for the future
  • Carry on being part of a loving supportive community
  • Discover more resources and learn about ongoing support

Enjoy freedom and liberation as you step out and live your best life

"Gayle helped me recognise how my drinking habits were harming me and made me realise I needed to stop. It was hard at first and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it! But her gentle nurturing approach really made me feel like I could. Her supportive coaching style is non-judgemental and non-preachy; Gayle really understands the challenges that come with stopping drinking. I can honestly say that since giving up my habitual weekend drinking, I feel so much freer and gained more clarity in my business too - an added bonus!"

– Suzannah B


Transform your relationship with alcohol and live your best life

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If you can’t wait and want to start right now and change your relationship with alcohol, Transform is also available as a one to one personalized coaching program. Contact me for more information.

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