vision for your sobriety

Having a vision for your sobriety is a topic I am very excited about and I teach it a lot. It is also a very inspiring and uplifting way to embrace this journey instead of coming at it from a place of shame, regret and guilt which is so often the case. Yes, these feelings are real and must be dealt with, but focusing on the positive, on where you want to go, makes the journey a whole lot easier.

If you can begin to focus on the good things that will come out of your journey, of what you want and how you want to feel then this high vibe, positive energy state will carry you through when things get tricky. It is also a lot of fun to dream and imagine, after all you are doing something incredibly amazing and yes difficult so why not make it as fun and as enjoyable as you possibly can. You’ve been through enough, it’s time to let go and allow good things to come into your life.


In this episode

I talk about the benefits of having a vision of what you want your sober life to look like

How you can raise your energy and immediately feel good when you have a vision for yourself

How you can create a vision for your sobriety and practical ways to do this

5 things you can do right now to help inspire you and lift you up

Also discover what the Law of Attraction has got to do with sobriety


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