What To Do When Drinking is Taking Up Too Much Space in Your Head

What to do when drinking is taking up too much space in your head

Are you in that place where you want to stop drinking but feel absolutely terrified by the prospect? Is drinking, the thought of drinking, reducing your drinking, worrying about drinking and quitting drinking taking up too much space in your head and your heart?

Have you tried to come to that place where you decide to stop or take a break but it just feels too much?

Like when you want to make that decision, but it feels too scary, it feels like there is no turning back and the thought of never drinking again is just too difficult to comprehend.  When you realize your drinking is causing problems in all areas of your life and making you unhappy, you think you have to stop right now, forever, for good. That’s what people do right? They just make the decision and stop.

But actually making the decision feels too difficult

Or you make the decision time and time again but still find yourself in front of the fridge at 5pm or the slightest thing throws you off track and you are back to drinking.

What if there was another way?

What if you could take a proper break from alcohol and feel good about it?

What if you could make the decision to stop or take a break and feel excited?

What if you could get to that place where it feels lovely to do what you’ve always wanted instead of scary?

What if you could have a chance to pause, reframe, reset and transform your relationship with alcohol in a way that feels GOOD? It would feel amazing, wouldn’t it!

In this episode

I share how I went from being scared of making the decision to stop drinking, to happy and inspired

The thought patterns that are holding you back and how to change them

The problem with how we usually approach the decision to stop drinking

Why you have the choice and the power to make the decision to stop and feel good about it

One thing you can do right now to change how you feel about quitting drinking

A new and empowering way to make the decision to stop drinking and feel good about it

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