When You’ve Stopped Drinking

When you’ve stopped drinking but your partner hasn’t

The topic in today’s podcast, ‘you’ve stopped drinking but your partner hasn’t’ is a very common one, so first of all if you are experiencing this, then you are not alone. I was very lucky that my husband and I stopped drinking together so I’ve always had that support at home and I am so very grateful for that. But, if you are in the situation where your partner continues to drink just as they were when you were still drinking, then it can be difficult to deal with.

On the one hand, you want to tell them how good you feel, you want them to stop too and experience all the wonderful benefits you are enjoying. But it can also cause a lot of tension. Maybe you’re noticing that they might be drinking more than before. Perhaps you get the feeling that they are drinking in secret or hiding how much they drink and maybe you are just worried about them and want them to change.

The important thing to remember here is that everyone is different. Each relationship has its own  quirks and dynamics so the information in this podcast is just a guide and I’m sharing my tips and advice on what you can do generally when you’ve stopped drinking but your partner hasn’t.

You know your partner better than I do, of course you do, so you’ll know the best things to take away from this podcast. I hope you find it helpful and remember that if you need more support with this or any other issue surrounding your journey to alcohol-free living, then please do get in touch.


In this episode

I talk about the best thing that you can do to inspire your loved one towards change

Some things that perhaps you shouldn’t say

How to broach the subject without sounding judgy or preachy

How to get support if you are finding the situation difficult to deal with


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